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Slay your way into spring: 6 tips to transition out of your winter wardrobe

It's hot.  It's cold. It's...uh... warm-ish. It's amazingly hot again.  And no, I'm not talking about your friend's on and off again romance plastered all over your Facebook news feed. I'm talking about the transitional weather into spring!  This weather is so confusing and so is trying to figure out what to wear!  

Well, here are some fail-proof tips to spring forward with your best foot (leopard print nonetheless) into spring.  

#1 Mix bright colors with warm layers: Add a hot pink scarf to an all-black ensemble that has served as your winter uniform all season!  This says "I'm ready for spring" but know it's only February.


#2 Don't bust out the sundresses, just yet!  Nothing screams desperation more than seeing someone in a summery dress adorned with dark winter boots.  Why rush things? Jumping the gun to slip into your summer wardrobe will not make spring come any sooner!

#3 Choose one body part to leave bare (and no I'm referring to anything inappropriate here! Get your mind out of the gutter):  If you opt to wear an off the shoulder top (like the one I have on) then keep the legs and toes covered.  If you wear a long sleeve shirt, then you can show a little ankle or leg. If you are dying to wear your new open-toe sandals then it's best to wear long pants and a long top?  Catch the drift? (no pun intended).

#4 Let your feet do the talking: Adding a vibrant shoe color to your ensemble is sure to put a little spring to your step!  I opted for leopard, but you can always do a super on trend pastel pink or baby blue.

#5 Don't wear warm and cold weather accessories together:  If you're opting to pull out the peep toes, it's A-OK to put the winter gloves away.  You don't want your wardrobe to look bipolar (again no pun intended ;))

#6 NAUTicals should be called YES-icals: Ok, that sounds a little X-rated, but what I'm trying to say is nauticals -like your navy and white striped pieces- are a great way to anchor spring into your winter wardrobe.  The navy mixes well with winter's dark colors yet equally adds a pop of white to take the gloom out!  Isn't that what spring is really about?

Curious about my outfit?  I have all the deets for you!  The top is by Yumi Kim and you can find it here.  Jeans are Goldsign (no longer available) but you can find similar jeans here.  Shoes are an investment piece, but any leopard pumps will do the trick (like here or here!).  My chakra-aligning bracelet is Wei Mei Jewelry and you can get one here!

Namaslay spring, Bendy Babes!


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