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Ommmmmm M G! Wei Mei Jewelry accentuates the best things about YOU!

It was the USA Yoga Regional Competition in Chicago last February, and I decided to take a local Bikram Yoga class to warm up before competing. After getting through the first breathing exercise, through the steam-fogged mirror I saw a beautiful yogi practicing by my side.  With long elegant limbs, and jet black hair, she represented the quintessential look of how I pictured a yogi.  "Surely, she must be one of the competitors ", I thought to myself.  

Later that day, I saw her again at the competition and introduced myself. I learned she was Emily Tong Shebert- a Bikram yoga teacher, who came to support the other teachers and students from the studio where I practiced that morning. We kept in touch after the competition, and I even reached out to her to get the details on a gorgeous top she had worn out with friends one night.  It’s no secret to anyone who knows Emily that she has impeccable style! #GOALS!

When I found out she recently started a jewelry company, Wei Mei Jewelry, I was head over heels (yoga pun, sorry).  What started as a hobby for Emily has quickly grown into a full-fledged business and it comes as no surprise!  Each piece of jewelry Emily designs offers so many intricate details, your eyes will lock and dance around every element. In fact, she can customize them to accentuate YOU!  Each piece has a special meaning and many people have reached out to her to design something heartfelt.    

Yoga is Emily's passion and she is naturally influenced by consciousness, creativity, nature, and uplifting others.  She makes it easy to find one that speaks to you.  Just choose the style you like, a color theme, and then add a charm (she had so many to choose from)! Many of the bracelets are reversible -with a completely different look on each side; so, you're essentially getting two different bracelets for one!  With these jewels, you will NAMASLAY all day!

You can check out all her options here.  She is in the process of changing her company's name and it is temporarily listed under the former name.  Her website will be coming soon!.... weimeijewelry.com

Reach out to her, she would love to hear from you!

Email: emilytong23@yahoo.com   Phone: (847)-641-9998

Namaste, Bendies!

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