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8 Secrets to a Knockout Holiday Cocktail Party Look!

Now that Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are out of the way, I'm finally ready to start talking about the holidays!  Finally, that awkward tree that has been up in the shopping center since mid-October doesn't look so awkward anymore.  We can now give ourselves permission to embrace every sign of holiday spirit twinkling in the air.  Now if only I could quit worrying about what to wear to all these events that show up hand -n-hand with December.  Am I right?!?  

Well, since I'm already having to worry about it for me, I figured I'd put together a guide for YOU of my 8 fool-proof tips to dressing for a holiday party.  Not planning on attending a dressy occasion this year? Well stay tuned because I will be doing more posts on other (more casual) holiday party looks.  

I actually bought this dress this past summer from a designer that I have been really excited to find. The brand is called Likely and it fits similar to Elizabeth and James but with a better price point.  I never really found the right occasion for it but always kept it in the back of my head for this time of year -which leads me to Tip #1.

1. Now is not the time to go drab or #allblackeverything.  The holidays are supposed to be cheerful and festive so pull out your holly red or evergreen dress and your sure to not only look appropriate but also have all eyes on you as you walk through the door.

2. You can't never have too much sparkle.  Ok let me rephrase that.  Sparkle can and is often overdone.  You don't want to look like a 11 year old girl who just walked out of Claire's Accessories at the mall.  But you get what I mean.  Pair your outfit with something to add a little dazzle to the occasion.  I think any cocktail dress is completely naked without just a little bling to step up your game.

3. Pick a classic dress with just the right amount of trend.  We all know that trendy is the last step before tacky, but instead of wearing the "oh so basic" shift dress that you reserve in your closet as your go-to for any occasions, try one that adds just the right amount of trend to seem current.  In the dress i'm wearing (above), I opted for a cut-out as the trend. It stays classic and balanced with a high neckline and not too much skin.  This dress could really be worn to an office party as well depending on how conservative of a industry you work in.  

4. Let your accessories update your look.  Don't want to buy a new dress this season, well how about adding a choker?  They're super "on trend" and you can get them for a little as $10!  I'm wearing a Rebecca Minkoff choker with a sparkly evil eye charm. You can find it here.  Not a fan of chokers? how about layering several necklaces with varying lengths to add just the right amount of interest?

5. Makeup is one of the best accessories when done right.  For holidays, I'm really into a bold classic look with a red lip and a cat eye!  If red lips aren't your thing, how about adding a foiled lid with a nude lip?  Foiling your eyes is one of the HOTTEST trends right now.  It is a liquid metallic shadow that resembles tin foil but a whole lot prettier than your Reynolds Wrap!  My favorite is by   Touch in Sol and is called the Metallist Liquid Foil and Glitter Duo.  You can find it here.

6. Wear your fur.  Ok I'm kidding here.  Who here actually owns a fur?  But luckily nowadays there are so many imitation fur coats, and shawls, that it is a lot easier on our wallets -and poor little Thumper!  If wearing fur makes you feel one step away from Kid Rock, then opt for a cape.  Beautiful, interesting, and so elegant.

7. Messy hair wins in 2016. Gone are the days where we had to insert 1,000,000,000, bobby pins into tight barrel curled updos.  Thank God!  Loose waves, messy chignons, and boho braids are the perfect compliment to your more dressy attire. Good thing our friends at Primp Style Lounge have this look down to a science.  Book your appointment here.  I highly recommend you pay them a visit.  It's just more more thing you can check off your list when getting ready.

8. Bring you megawatt smile. Your momma was right.  Your smile is the very best accessory you can ever wear!

Cheers, Bendy Babes! 

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