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You Caught Me in My Birthday Suit! -What I Wore On My Birthday, and a Perfect Little Number for Your Next GNO!


Hi Bendy Babes, I know it's Thanksgiving, but let's be real.  We are all on our devices quite a bit with all the downtime after the big meal.  So here's a little reading material for you to pass the time and let your turkey digest!   

You caught me in my birthday suit!  I just celebrated my *cough cough* 25th birthday last week and I wanted to share with you a perfect little ensemble that is two parts fun and one part flirty!  Enter the Little Black Top -the LBD's sassy and more causal little sister.  Although the weather recently dropped, I always reserve lace for the winter months so it felt completely appropriate for a night on the town.  Don't worry mom, I wore a leather jacket (listed below).  

I topped it off with a my favorite purse for any celebratory occasion!  It is an adorable purse shaped like a champagne bottle.  It adds just the right amount of pop and sparkle against the black and is always a crowd pleaser.  I mean, who doesn't want to be the "Toast of the Town"!  I threw on my trusty Loubs (they're an investment but totally worth it!) -and I have a budget friendly version listed for you too!

I have hand picked a few variations for your next night on the town!  Let me know what you think in the comments and stay bendy, babes!

xoxo, Paloma

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