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Slay your way into spring: 6 tips to transition out of your winter wardrobe

It's hot.  It's cold. It's...uh... warm-ish. It's amazingly hot again.  And no, I'm not talking about your friend's on and off again romance plastered all over your Facebook news feed. I'm talking about the transitional weather into spring!  This weather is so confusing and so is trying to figure out what to wear!  

Well, here are some fail-proof tips to spring forward with your best foot (leopard print nonetheless) into spring.  

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What to Wear to All the Other Casual Get Togethers During The Holiday Season. I've got you Covered -Head to Toe!

As we all know, the holidays are not all glitz and glamour.  Between running around buying gifts, having to upstage elf-on-the-shelf's antics from the previous year, fighting unbearable mall traffic, and endless lines, I'm already pooped just thinking about it.  Sure we may have one fancy event or company christmas party to attend but we tend to have a lot more casual gatherings with close family and friends.  I've put together an ensemble that is casual, and chic!  So on those days where you can't "namastay in bed" and have to put on your bra, you can slip into these stretchy pants that look so m much like suede they will have everyone fooled.  

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BoHo Ho Ho! How to Nail an Effortless, Bohemian, Holiday Party Look for Any Function!

You just got invited to a holiday gift exchange with friends, causal company party, or a house party and -forget the stress of finding the perfect gift- what are you going to wear?  Sometimes for me, it's a lot easier when the dress code says "cocktail".  You just slip on a dress and some scrappy heels and you're good to go!  Well I'm about to make your holiday dressing a whole lot easier.  With a jumpsuit, you still get the benefit of an entire outfit in one piece, without the discomfort of that form fitted, itchy, lacy or sequined cocktail dress!  My absolute favorite part of wearing a festive jumpsuit, is you can dress it up or down for the occasion -from boho casual all the way to dressy diva!

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8 Secrets to a Knockout Holiday Cocktail Party Look!

Now that Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are out of the way, I'm finally ready to start talking about the holidays!  Finally, that awkward tree that has been up in the shopping center since mid-October doesn't look so awkward anymore.  We can now give ourselves permission to embrace every sign of holiday spirit twinkling in the air.  Now if only I could quit worrying about what to wear to all these events that show up hand -n-hand with December.  Am I right?!?  

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Bohรจme in Bordeaux

This fall weather has really thrown me for a loop this year.  Typically by November I've already pulled out the cozy sweaters, furry vests, and over the knee boots, but it was 80 DEGREES this weekend!  Trust me, I'm not complaining because I love warm weather but it is especially tricky to look fall appropriate when it's blazin' hot.  

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Flower Child Vibes

Did it seem like fall took a long time to get here this year?  It sure did for me!  I have been staring at this little boho maxi set in my closet hoping it would get just chilly enough outside that I could wear it without a coat.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I am Aaaahbsessed with anything floral -and this 70's inspired maxi wrap set is no exception!

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